Credible, free and fair elections remain the building blocks of responsive democratic governance which can only be sustained through effective leadership that is a true representation of the will of the people. The credibility of elections is however dependent on the existence of an effective legal framework designed to promote democratic principles, an independent Election Management Body structured to ensure electoral integrity and an active citizenry armed with the basic information to provide oversight and demand accountability. WatchingTheVote is a movement of citizens committed to promoting and ensuring integrity in the electoral process and deploying specially designed methodology for a data and technology driven election observation. Being a citizens-led movement, the WTV Citizens Observer cohort initiative is aimed at building a cohort of enthusiastic Nigerians who are passionate and committed to promoting integrity and credibility in Nigeria’s electoral democracy and beyond. The WTV Citizen Observer cohort will serve as; advocates for credible elections, share reports on issues relating to the elections as observed in their community, voter education champions and actively take part in building citizens consciousness on electoral issues throughout the electoral cycle.


  • Participate in WTV outreach Programs
  • Promote and circulate WTV elections activities via their numerous social media platforms and the WTV data center
  • Be the face of WTV movement in their immediate communities
  • Engage in civic and voter education
  • Stay in frequent communication with and update the WTV center with progress reports

Who should Sign-up?


  • with a passion to make a difference
  • desirous of growth in our democratic and electoral process
  • interested in making elections count
  • interested in building a generation of concerned and informed citizens
  • willing to provide support to INEC
  • interested in boost citizen’s confidence in electoral process via civic education

What do we want to achieve?

  • Increased citizen’s interest in the electoral process
  • Increased citizen’s participation in the electoral process
  • A more informed citizen’s movement promoting electoral integrity
  • Strengthened partnership between citizens and the Election Management Body (EMB)


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