Technology and the Challenge of Election Integrity – Samson Itodo

Despite declines in political and civil liberties on the continent, regular elections – an indispensable foundation of democracy - signal that democracy is gradually taking root in Africa. The frequency of elections on the continent presents an undeniable opportunity...
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2019: Sierra Leone electoral commissioner advises Nigeria

Ahead of the 2019 general elections, the head of Sierra Leone’s National Electoral Commission (NEC), Miatta French, has urged Nigerians to vote their preferred candidates despite money and other gifts some candidates may offer them. The commissioner said this during a...
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Assessing 2018 Sierra-Leone Elections: Successes, Challenges and Lessons for Africa

The Republic of Sierra Leone conducted its general elections to elect the President, Parliament and local councils. The Presidential election was inconclusive as no candidate secured 55% of the vote to win the first round. In line with constitutional stipulations,...
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Ekiti Decides 2018









#WatchingTheVote is a data and tech-driven citizen observers initiative of the YIAGA AFRICA

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#WatchingTheVote is deployed in the pre-election phase to assess the political and security environment ahead of elections. This includes assessing the preparation of relevant stakeholders for elections, voter registration, party primaries, campaign finance, election security and voter participation.

Election Day

On Election day, #WatchingTheVote observers track and share data using mobile phones and sms on deployment of election materials, opening and closing of polls, adequacy and competence of polling officials, accreditation and voting, results collation process, conduct of election stakeholders, electoral violence and electoral offences.

Post Election

In the post election period, #WatchingTheVote generates data on the performance of the election management body, stakeholder satisfaction, arrests and prosecution of electoral offenders. It also undertakes election data analysis and tracks electoral dispute resolution in the tribunals and courts.

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